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2009 is is the decade...

...I've been a bad bloggist because it's difficult for me to devote time and energy to this blog when so many other things are going on. In my current day-to-day structure, if I'm attending class full-time, I do not have time to blog, ever. I have a wife, son, job, real writing, and I'm into games and sports, so this blog is easily cast aside, which sucks. I want to do this M-F, but it's just not working out w/ my school aspirations.

I'll try to find a way to change that. I'd toyed with the idea of writing several posts at a time over the weekend, but the fact is that there are other ways I'd like to spend my weekend. I may give that another shot, but we'll see.

Either way, since I have no classes for the next month, I'm back.

It's an exciting time to be me, though. I've got some things cooking, on a few different professional fronts, as well as some collaborative work that may happen, and I'm pretty pumped. I'm also pleased to report that sales of my book have increased with the holiday season, which shocked me quite a bit. I guess that some feel that Christmas is the best time to read about God betraying man. Who knows? Either way, thanks, and GO BUY ANOTHER NOW!!! It's available in both book form ($15) and ebook ($1.25).

I don't have a ton of time today, but I wanted to remind people that I wrote a reasonably decent novel, and Tony and I have a couple podcasts coming up. We're recording the first one next weekend, the day after Xmas. We'll do a little 'what's new?' followed by a ton of discussion about the best games of 2009, and close with the best games of the 00s (the 'aughts,' as we're supposed to call this clusterfuck of a decade.) We are soliciting nominations, so please, either leave 'em in the comments of this post or any next week, or hit me up with 'em on Twitter!

The day after New Year, we'll be recording a 2010 preview, and I'm asking for the same info, though not just yet.

Anyway, I'll be back with a lot more next week, but lemme know what were your best games of 2009 were, as well as what were your best of the 2000s!



  1. Is it sad that my favorite game of 2009 was a download title from XBLA? Shadow Complex has been my favorite game of the past year, I've gone through it three times and am still loving it.

    By the way, the book is great. I lost it in my car for a while, but I've found it again. Hopefully, you're working on the sequel?

  2. Not at all. I meant to check out Shadow Complex, but it got lust in the shuffle for me. I'll try out the demo soon.

    Glad you're enjoying the book. The sequel is under way, but it's been a start-stop affair thus far. I've been very busy with other projects, not to mention life, but I'm hoping to have it done by spring (please allow me to dig another hole for myself.)