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Thopical Thursday #1

That's 'thopical,' pronounced 'topical.' I had to think of something for Thursdays, and I knew I wanted to do at least one post per week that addressed 'current events.' Anyway...


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That Health Care Thing

So, you may have heard that we Americans have manufactured a new problem that allows to all hate each other even more. Remember when we could all get along and pretend like Ronald Reagan was actually a decent human being?* Those were good times. As long as you were on cocaine but still JUST SAYING NO.

* - Reagan was actually a reprehensible creature who ate Joe McCarthy's cock for breakfast and lied about his military service on the campaign trail; FYI

I remember rolling my eyes when Ken Starr became obsessed with Bill Clinton's penis and the Republicans all feigned indignation at President Clinton's preferred method of cigar storage. I was a teenager, and it was the first time I realized that politicians were grabbing onto something (in this case, the Presidential Wang) and bouncing up and down on it for political purposes, and none other. None of them gave a shit about his marriage. They just knew that there are millions of Americans who sit in front of their TVs, watching cable news, and await instructions.

Whether or not the President fucks his wife or another woman is none of my business, and it's none of yours. If you're eager to play the 'role model' card, don't. If you want your children to look up to career politicians as role models, you are one sick fuck, and probably shouldn't have reproduced.

And then there was that Bush problem. The guy was appointed to the presidency, instead of being elected (then, he was elected the second time, thanks to you assholes.)

What was most upsetting about the Bush presidency, aside from all the war crimes, the lack of open bidding on middle east construction contracts, the blending of religion and politics, the rape of civil rights, and having a mentally retarded monkey as president was the weakness of the Democrats.

Again, the Democratic politicians were almost as bad as their Republican counterparts. They lacked the outrage of the citizens they represented. So what did we all do? We were all so upset about having a war criminal as president that we all stood, up, raised our fists, and then sat right fucking back down again. We were so sickened by his behavior, and we were so clearly a majority that we rallied together, and put the career politicians right back in office. Great job, guys.

With Obama, we actually made a little progress. Getting McCain to opt out of his own values (he was once a pretty decent guy) was a genius move by the pig-fucking Republicans, but then they added Palin to the ticket, which pretty much delivered the middle-road conservatives to the Obama ticket.

So, Obama won, and the extremely vocal pro-hate minority went ape-shit. They clamored for ANYTHING, ANYTHING to scream about. Months went by, and they tried to blame him for the Dubya Depression. That didn't stick, since he wasn't in office the prior eight years, the eight years that had been preceded by Clinton & co. balancing the budget and fixing the economy (just sayin'). Then, it was Fannie Mae. That didn't stick. During all this, Obama decided to step up and actually do something GOOD with the presidency. The guy decided everyone should have health care.

I'm willing to bet that most conservatives won't openly advocate killing all the poor people. Not openly. Let me paint a picture for you, though.

People are willing to pay anything to keep living. -> The sky is the limit, therefore, when it comes to profiting off of the misery of others.

Medical industry makes HUGE money, doesn't want it to stop. -> They pressure the media folks they sponsor to rally the under-educated, anti-intellectual crowd, using buzzwords. In this case, they replaced 'terr-ist' with 'socialist.'

Fundamentalists and others with severe beliefs are instructed by their televisions to avoid intelligent debate at all costs, to merely shout rhetoric at Town Hall Meetings -> The motivated morons have no idea that there is no actual 'threat' of socialism, but they know they hate 'them thar queer inta-lek-shals who voted fer that thar black guy.' Sometimes, they don't say 'black guy.'

Democratic voters and Obama supporters are being bludgeoned on all sides by the same people they battled in message boards for the last 8 years -> They fall into the same trap as their retarded brethren, and get wrapped up in hurting the opponent, rather than addressing the issues.

This health care debate isn't at all about health care. It's about Bush and Obama, and the rift caused by the Republicans in 2000 & 2004.

Wrapping up, I want to point one thing out. There are some conservatives who don't hate poor people, who are asking the exact right question which is, 'Yes, health care is a good thing, but how are we going to pay for national health care?'

That is the only question we should be discussing right now. Why can't we all agree that we need to take care of each other, set our minds to it, and make it happen. We can do it, and it would've helped if a) we hadn't invaded Iraq and instead focused on catching Bin Laden (remember him?) and b) if we hadn't bailed out failing companies.

Anyway, just something to think about. Lemme know what you think.


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