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Fuck-Off Friday #1

And thus begins the weekend, soon.

It's a lovely 'Fuck Off Friday,' which means I'm just going to ramble here, either until I run out of time, or until I feel it's time to contract my (proverbial) mouth valve.

It's been nice to blog again, even if I find myself having to do it in quick spurts, almost when no one's looking. What's nice about that is that it compares even more sharply with masturbation, which illustrates the way I feel about most 'professional' bloggers.

Don't get me wrong, there are some damn good bloggers (or bloggists, as I prefer) out there, but many are low self-esteem-driven wankers with a thirst for attention. AT ANY COST!

Aaanyway, like I said, it's good to flex different writing muscles. Blogging is often a good counterbalance to my fiction writing, as it accesses different parts of the brain, and keeps my mind in shape.

Okay, now I'm tired of talking about that.

I've become utterly addicted to Buffy. I'd never seen the show before a month or so ago, as I had regarded the presentation as beyond stupid, but now I love it. On one hand, I love anything with robots/monsters/aliens, and on the other, it's like a snapshot of my high school years (though 'Buffy' was a freshman when I would have been a senior.)

The show does a great job of blending great comedy with real heart-string yanking teenage melodrama and cool supernatural material. It's one of the only 'high school' shows that doesn't make me want to choke the life out of the characters (well, except Xander, and it's because he's so well-written as a teenage douchebag.)

I might be binging on the rest of season 3 this weekend, but we'll see. I'm trying to lure my wife into watching it with me. I've considered waving my penis in front of one of my computer monitors while Hulu is loaded, but we'll see.

I'll also be hopping back into the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta this weekend, so if you were smart enough to preorder the game, like me, I'll see ya there.

Otherwise, I'll be hanging out with my wife and son this weekend, maybe having a beer or two, and definitely not watching the blacked-out Rams game (thanks for the blatant greed, NFL!)

Oh, and you guys are gonna love the first Manly Monday post. Manly Mondays are going to be my weekly advice column, focusing on relationship advice for men. I can't wait to post the first entry.

So, some questions:

01 - What are your feelings on Buffy: the Vampire Slayer?
02 - What are your plans for the weekend?
03 - Any questions for me for Manly Monday?

Thanks, have a great weekend, and UNLEASH THE COMMENTS!



  1. 1) I have none. Didn't ever watch more than a few minutes before switching channels. I might like it more these days knowing what I know about Whedon and his characterization.

    2) Band rehearsal tonight. Sister/bro-in-law/18-month-old nephew coming to town. Which means drinking, gaming, and grillin'. Football Sunday and that is all. Awesome.

    3) Hmm, I'm pretty much content with my manliness and relationship. I guess my only issue these days is trying to get back in shape. I dropped 20 pounds last year, but gained 7 or 8 back in the past couple of months. I know you struggle with that as well at times, so do you ever worry how weight gain could potentially affect your relationship?

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  3. 1. I've never gotten into Buffy nor do I think I'd be able to. Not that I think I might be cooler than you (I already know I am) I've just never been into sci-fi as much as you have.
    2. Plans for the weekend include drinking, writing, drinking, writing, and a half-day of work on Saturday.
    3. My question for Manly Monday is this: I use a loofah and body wash in the shower. Do I need to hand over my testicles or can I still be considered a man? (p.s. I drive a Mini Cooper, in case that helps you decide.)

  4. @JT You are in exactly the same space I was prior to a month ago. Take the Buffy plunge. It's worth it. As for being in a band, hats off to you, sir. We're similar ages, and I respect the hell outta you for sticking to what's truly important in life, and I mean that. I will be more than happy to address our mutual fatness on Monday.

    @Adam Buffy is NOT sci-fi, but thanks for pretending. Word @ drinking & writing, but please take a look-see @ my Wednesday post. I have no fucking earthly clue what a loofah is, but I'm sure it feels great in your butt. I'll address your rampant issues on Monday.


  5. 1. Buffy rocks. I own all seven seasons on DVD. And I made Jason watch an episode and now he thinks Buffy is cool, too. Season Four has probably one of the best episodes of the whole series, it's called "Hush," when you get to it, let me know how you liked it.

    2. I worked, as usual.

    3. Not being a man, I don't think I will have much to contribute to Monday's blog.

  6. @Tami - Glad to see that there's at least one Buffy fan amongst my friends here. I'm starting s4 this week some time, though I've been instructed that 'Hush' is cool b/c there's no spoken dialogue and it won an Emmy. I'm looking forward to it. I hope it was at least fun work. Manly Mondays are for the ladies, too. Maybe you have a question about men or your man or what it's like being a man or really, anything.