The Endless Wars: The Descent

The Endless Wars: The Descent itunes (coming soon) The Endless Wars: The Descent

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I've been busy. My 'real' job has taken over my life the last few weeks, but things should be slowly settling down, and I'll get back to my goal of 3-5 posts per week.

I'll be talking about the three corporations that have fucked me over, and I'll be posting documents to back up my accusations, so that will be fun.

I'll be talking about the holiday preview podcast Tony and I will be doing in September.

I'll be talking about the new Mass Effect DLC, assuming it ever actually works w/ the Steam version of the game.

I'll be talking about my continued journey down the dark path of the MBA.

I'll be talking a bit about what's been stalling me in regards to the book, and what my future plans are for the series.

Also, if you're one of the three getting a free book from me, they have not yet been ordered. I apologize for that, but I have my reasons. They'll be ordered in a week. If you have the sense to live here in St. Louis, then you'll get in two weeks. If you live elsewhere, you'll see it in about three weeks. In the meantime, why not tide yourself over with the $1.25 ebook?

I'm going to try and get a 'real' post up before the weekend.

So, to anyone who's read the book or is reading it: what do you think? Do you have any questions? How would you describe it?



  1. Have not read the book yet. I swear, I *will* buy it at some point.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the Mass Effect DLC. I can get that or a fancy pair of Avatar shoes, ha ha.

    And what's that? A podcast you say? :)

  2. Book? You have a book? Just kidding. Mine arrived last week, but I've been a little busy with library books and Shadow Complex and that dirty four letter word known a work. I like what I've read so far, your protagonist is a very angry young man, isn't he?

  3. @Cody I just gtalked you about the book. I hear the ME DLC sucks balls, but I'm a whore, so I bought it. As for the podcast, don't tell Tony, since he doesn't know about it yet. But, I'm thinking we'll do a TGS show and a holiday preview show in consecutive weeks.

    @Tami Yeah, there's a little bit of brooding at the beginning, and sorry about the font. I missed one little detail. I'd love to hear what ya think, assuming you're able to slog through it. My wife says that it hits its stride at about 2/5 of the way through it. It's a cold open, but that's intentional. Like I've said, the series is an experiment, so I welcome any and all feedback as I work on the second book.