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Manny Ramirez is a bad person and the sky is blue.



Adolf Hitler was mentally ill and a murderer!


Rush Limbaugh's mind is ruled by hate!


Water is wet!


The sky is blue!


Manny Ramirez is a really fucking terrible person!

Duh, guys. I know that this is heartbreaking to those that love their Dodgers, but come the fuck on, guys. You HAD to know that you were hiring a cold-blooded bat-toting merc who cares only about his numbers. He can't be bothered to play defense, he is incapable of being a team player, and fakes injuries to avoid honoring his contract. Oh, and we're adding "steroid-fueled cheater" to that list? No problem. It certainly fits with the rest of his career.

You handed this creature millions upon millions, none of the 29 other teams wanted anything to do with him, you knew all of the above, and now you're surprised?

That kinda idiocy reminds me of the fucking morons who voted for Bush in the 2004 election, then had the audacity to jump on the bandwagon of outrage at his administration in subsequent years.

In both cases, you had utterly reprehensible behavior expertly detailed for YEARS before throwing your support behind someone who was not, in even the slightest way, repentant for their nearly inhuman behavior. What the fuck were you thinking then, and why are you surprised now?

Dubya's an evil puppet, devoid of ethics, with a monster's hand shoved up his ass, almost like an American Hirohito, but takes a special kinda asshole to quit on your team, as he did in Boston. I actually think that's worse than using steroids to cheat. At least with the steroids, you're gonna pay at some point, and it's gonna hurt, but quitting on your team is the clearest way to telegraph to everyone around you that you are a really bad person who just needs to go be alone and ignored for the rest of time. Fuck 'em.

I'm almost through with that week before finals. Almost. I am so tired, I sometimes wanna weep.

It's cool, though. I've got an exam tomorrow, then the weekend to study and rest up, and then 3 days of intense academic combat. I'll be glad just to make it out alive, and then relax for a few weeks, getting to focus purely on work and personal projects.

I'm really pumped about being able to play some games, get caught up on some reading, hang out with some friends, and all the things that make summer the best season each year.

I listened to the first episode of the Out of the Game podcast, and it is the best podcast on the entire intertron. It stars five dudes, including the four coolest and funniest people that ever worked at 1UP (Jeff Green, Shawn Elliot, Robert Ashley [all 3 from GFW Radio, the previous 'best podcast ever'], and Luke Smith, one of the original 1UP Yours dudes, one of the funniest people ever to appear on the 1UP Show.) Also on the podcast is N'Gai Croal, that super-respected games journalist dude that's no longer a games journalist.

It's not a games-focused podcast, though there is game talk in there. Really, it's the 5 of them picking a topic, talking about it, then ripping off my old podcast (just kidding, tee-hee) and talkin' 'whatcha been consuming?' It's a fantastic podcast, and if you don't listen to it, you are out of excuses, and I hereby pronounce you to be straight-up fucking retarded.

I'm also looking forward to wrapping the seasons on Dollhouse, Fringe, and Lost, as all three are building to kinda crazy points (in a good way). If ya don't watch these, Dollhouse and Fringe are only a season in thus far, so it'd be really easy to get caught up on 'em. Both have the typical 'shakedown cruise' syndrome of a first season, but get everything figured out pretty quickly, after 4-5 episodes. I don't watch bad shows, so you should watch what I watch.

After that, True Blood and Entourage both return in June, which I am SOOO hyped about.

So, with the TV season wrapping up, what shows do you wanna sell other people on? What were your favorites from this past TV season? Any shows you miss that aren't on anymore? Since it's a beautiful day outside, let's talk TV!



  1. Holy s--t! That's like the Rat Pack of podcasts! I didn't even know about this and it's on episode 4? Where the hell have I been!? Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I'm in the same boat. I caught it on Jeff Green's twitter feed. I feel the same way about the cast. It is as good as you might imagine.