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Got some difficult things outta the way, as far as ending the semester goes, and it's only Tuesday, so I'm pretty pleased. I don't have a lotta time today, so here's some rapid fire stuff for ya:

- went to the Cardinals game last night, and Rick Ankiel had an incredibly scary moment. He was running for a flyball in left-center and then crashed head-first into the wall. At that moment, his entire body went "rag-doll" and he collapsed to the ground, motionless. As they were carrying him off in a stretcher, he did manage to give a thumbs-up. He's going to be fine, but it scared the shit outta me. He and I are about the same age, and watching him overcome the things he's overcome has always been inspirational to me. I really want to see him come out okay and kick some serious ass the rest of his career. Also, that last link is to Bryan Burwell's column about the incident, and I suggest reading it. He's been my favorite sportswriter for a while, and this is another great example of why.

- played some Quake Live at work today. I had been meaning to do this for a while, but I'm fairly conditioned to work while I'm at work, and play while I'm not. I rarely cross the two, but I really needed to blow off some steam, so I went ahead and fired that bad boy up. After I finished all my initial work, I played for about a half hour, and had a great time. My work machine is a piece of shit, and while it ran a little choppy, it still ran. The other browser-based shooter game that's in beta that I'm on (and cannot discuss) did not run, but I also haven't really looked at why yet. Anyway, Quake Live is great fun, it's in open beta, so hop in and have fun!

- it's my wife's birthday today! She's only 27, and I'm now hearing her bitch about her age for the first time. Kinda interesting. I've been doing it since I was 16 or so, and I'm 30 now, so I actually have an excuse to bitch. She was remarking to me that she's "not jailbait anymore, and that sucks." I'm sure I said something crude in reply, but I don't remember. Either way, it's her birthday, and we'll be celebrating it tonight, which I'm looking forward to. I got her the new Sookie book and True Blood on Blu-Ray.

- I have kind of a quiet day tomorrow, but we'll be going out with my folks tomorrow night for dinner (for the Lady's b-day.) I have a mega-giant Statistics exam on Thursday, followed by some mid-day beta testing, followed by a little day-job work, then I'm hanging out with my son while my wife works, then John and I are going out for his birthday, and seeing the new Star Trek @ 11PM on DLP. RAWK. Friday, I work a bit, then this weekend is devoted to studying for finals, and blowing off steam through either sex or gaming.

- After 5/13, I'm done with finals, and then it's time to focus on day-job work and personal project work. I think I'm going to first turn my attention to pushing the 10-year old first novel out the door, so that I can focus on something new this summer. There's also the question of what kind of relationship E3 and I are going to have at the beginning of June. We'll see. I'm doing some coursework over the summer, though that only lasts 8 weeks or so. I'd really like to do a mod for Quake Wars this summer, or maybe Neverwinter Nights, but we'll see. I keep saying I'm gonna teach myself Python, and this summer is a great chance to do exactly that. Again, we'll see.

So, I'm getting ready to head out for the day. How's everyone else's week going? Any crazy plans for the summer?

Also, thanks for the linkage, Laurance! Go check out his blog, everyone! Much more quality shit than you'll find here!



  1. I'm supposed to go see Wolverine tonight. I don't have any interest in the movie, but my cousin wants to see it and I said I would go with. He had a rough start to the year with the loss of his son if you remember and it's the least I can do to keep him focused on regular life stuff. I really want to see Star Trek, it looks amazing!

    No problem with the link. Unfortunately, I think 1up is dying slowly.

    I keep trying to watch the Totally Rad Show - Dan keeps annoying me. He is a terrible movie critic (says "Um" way too much and forgets the names of things all the time). One of the other guys should take the lead when it comes to their film reviews.


  2. @Laurance Good man, taking a bullet like that for your cousin. Star Trek looks cool, though I am a bit concerned about overall franchise continuity. I'm curious to see what direction 1UP is gonna take. It's definitely not what it was a few years ago, that's for sure. I still love the site and all, but it's lost so many strong personalities, in terms of employees, that the site just feels kinda flat now. They need to get back to marketing their people, shut the fuck about the iPhone, and win back some street cred among the gamer community. Bear in mind, too, that gaming, as an industry, is in a fucking coma right now, due to the dearth of releases. As for TRS, I know that you and Dan Trachtenberg have a long and sordid history, and that his subtle mannerisms inspire little other than rancor and bile in you, but he is an okay guy. I've got people like that, too. Nick Suttner, for example, has the single most intentionally irritating voice I've ever heard (aside from maybe Fran Drescher.) He's the reason I walked away from EGM Live/1UP FM. I promise it'll be alright, though. Is Rebel FM even still around? The only one I ever really listened to (after the first couple) was the one with the super-wasted Robert Ashley, which was brilliant, because it had a super-wasted Robert Ashley.