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Winter = Seasonal Bed-Shitting

To state that 'winter is a harsh mistress' is, for me, profoundly off the mark, as it implies that I have even a little appreciation for the bitch. I do not enjoy seeing the world slowly die and freeze over every year, like some. I regard those people, even the ones I love, as somewhat sickened and horribly misguided individuals. To relish in the death of life is a massive perversion, and what is winter, if not the most clearly painted symbol for death that we have?

It may sound funny, but I really am a sunshine + birds chirping kinda dude. I wanna be a fuckin' Disney princess, singing next to an open window while birds flutter around. This Hoth bullshit can just fuck off.

Of course, bitching about the weather is petty, futile, and I really wish it was beneath me.

I really need to rebuild my writing process. I've tried for a while not to be one of those oversensitive 'oh, things have to be just right for me to write' pansy-ass writers, but it's stupid to pretend like there's not something to the concept of having a process. I can write in nearly any circumstance, but I think that the process isn't so much about being able to write as fostering a circumstance in which you want to write. I've got a lot of things that take my attention, as well as a lot of real-world responsibilities. I'd like to rebuild my process so that it's built into my day.

I think something that would help, too, is having deadlines. I'm good at deadlines, and have done some great writing when under the gun. I may have an idea here. We'll see.

I've thought through some creative solutions to this, and I'm curious to see how this works out.


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  1. i'm realizing, now that i'm no longer in a class setting with workshops of my own pieces, that i definitely do better with deadlines as well. though for whatever reason, switching up my M.O. has helped too (i.e, writing this new batch of stories on my phone as opposed to on my laptop, writing before bed rather than at 2am until 7am, etc.).