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Hey. remember that Taran guy?

Yeah, so I finally put the pieces back together and wrote fiction today. I wrote well, I wrote comfortably, and I wrote sober. It was the first time I've ever been able to reach into myself and put the words on the page like that while in a sober state. To say I was fucking ecstatic would be putting it lightly.

Anyway, I sat down to work on a video game I've been tinkering with and ended up completely righting the ship on the Endless Wars sequel. I was pretty pleased.

I realized today, too, that I have a really fucking hard time keeping the universe straight in my head, so I broke down and started a wiki for the series. Please feel free to contribute. I really do need the help.

I also started an ongoing web-based meta-fiction weird-shit series that takes place alongside the current novel. It's fun.

And yeah, I think there will eventually be a web-based adventure game of some kind at some point. I've prototyped the basics, but I'm still laboring over the scope of the project. I may farm some of it out. We'll see.

In any case, the sequel novel is back on track after a two-year lapse.

I'm pretty pumped, enough to curse myself and say that I hope the next book will be out by spring 2013.

In that time, I do plan to finally do a proper ebook release for the first one. I may throw some extra shit in there, too. We'll see. Would anyone be interested in a 'commentary' in the ebook? Not sure what that would like yet, but it's something I always wanted to do.

Anyway, it's late, but I wanted to drop a note in here.

Shit, I almost forgot. I also started a G+ page for the series here. Check it out!

 Not much there yet, but there will be.

Thanks for reading!

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