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Get Over It

I take great pride in the fact that I don't whine or cry about silly things on the internet. Or really anywhere, actually. I am terrified of being one of those types of guys.

That makes it very hard to write about myself or my writing on this blog. I've false-started a few times on here the last couple weeks because I started sounding too whiny and 'pay attention to me' and that's just not my style. I roll my eyes when other people do it, and I won't contribute to the slow erosion of masculinity that we see all over the US now.

So, to circumvent this issue, I will present, instead, bullet points. This will allow me to cut right to the point without the emotional lubrication that my provocative vocabulary can offer to my emotional weaknesses.

Here goes:

 - I've been posting almost every day on my multitude of blogs, and have enjoyed the process, probably much to your personal detriment
 - I've already been trolled once for my self-promotion, and as usual, it was a nearly-incomprehensible manner; honestly, being trolled is a good sign
 - I'm amazed how busy I am now, and I'm concerned about the status of a couple projects I have in early stages; nothing to report about them unless they actually get off the ground
 - I'm sometimes tempted to talk about my in-progress fiction on here, but I never think that's a good idea; it works for some writers, but not for me; there are certain things in my brain that I never talk to anyone about, for fear that they might have feedback on it, and stories are among those, now; I had more than a few stories that were workshopped to death back in college, and I'm never doing it again
 - I've, over the last few weeks, unshackled myself from being one of those oversensitive twats that claim that they have to have exactly a particular environment, or they just can't write; I've purposely made myself write some of these posts in less-than-ideal environments, and there was only one that, physically, I couldn't do; I always disliked this quirk about myself and other writers, and I'm glad to have murdered it
 - this has also, and I just realized this, to find that I can write without boozing; I've been a little concerned about that for over a year, but it's coming together, and the rusty old fiction gears are finally turning again, and I've birthed my first good science fiction idea in years in the last couple weeks
 - going to check out the Chernobyl diaries today; there's a whole lot of great fiction that has sprung from what happened in Chernobyl, so I'm eager to see Oren Peli's take on it
 - been traveling a lot, and I enjoy the expansion in perspective that forces; I don't like being pushed out of my routine or comfort zone, and this is a way to make that exercise fun and enlightening
 - really pissed off a buddy with a post I put up the other day; has me questioning where to draw the line between life and art; I love writing, but it's not worth fucking up friendships

Questions for other writers
 - where do you draw the line in including your life and your friends' lives in your non-fiction?
 - how much do you discuss your in-progress fiction?

Questions for the rest of you knuckleheads
 - any feedback on the blog posts?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't include friends in my non-fiction unless they explicitly say I can. People who aren't my friends get no such honor, but hey, fuck those people anyway.

    I learned not to discuss in-progress fiction. The time spent discussing it is better used progressing through it instead.

    Feedback on the blog posts? Make this damn updater thing actually inform me when you post. It's being dumb.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      What updated are you using? It's been a while since I checked anything under the hood on this blog, and something may need some tweaking.


  2. I don't write non-fiction.

    And as for people I know... if I don't like you you are fodder.

    Of course, I change names, ages, and physical description so that no one would know. For example that demon I killed with the Jimmy Choos. You would'nt know it was one of my co-workers from a while back now, would you. And yet she was banished. SO cathartic.

    I discuss my fiction because people wonder sometimes why I am doing things like looking up Devil idioms and I must explain so that I don't get the slanty-eyes over my shoulder during my lunch break as I edit/research on the interwebs. I don't care really, but it makes for smother work relations. I discuss my fiction with my writing group. And you, because I type at you and you can read it or not. I maintain the illusion that you read what I vent at you, heh.

    And as for the layout...

    I want more peektures.