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Test Drives & Deep Star Wars Thoughts

First, I am testing out the Windows Live Writer blogging tool, to see if it’s something that is more than tolerable. The jury is still out, even after two sentences.

I’m becoming more and more of a ‘Windows guy’ as time goes on, and I’m disturbed at how undisturbed I am by this notion. In many contexts, generic humans cast Microsoft in a light that is more than familiar to Emperor Palpatine, the Borg Queen, and Dubya. I do not dispute this choice, but I will assert that many of the tools that they produce are now very familiar sights in my various creative toolboxes, whether we’re talking sysadmin or author.

Yes, I still use Linux at home for a lot of things, and I will always insist that everyone maintain at least a couple Linux boxes at home, because is just flat-out better for a lot of things.

That being said, I’ve found that Microsoft has really revamped a lot of their approach and have been very smart about making very smart tools, such as Windows Live Writer, which I’m liking more and more as this post goes on.

At work, I’ve fallen in love with using tools like Hyper-V and Service Center Virtual Machine Manager, and look forward to the new releases of each.

On the writing and publishing front, I’ve switched over to Office 2010, Skydrive, and Office 365 for being able to work on my various projects from anywhere, anytime. Hell, I’ve even switched to a Windows Phone, and will probably be developing an interactive story app for it some time this year or next.

Yup, in short, I’m a total sellout and Microsoft whore.

In other news …

My good friend (and mega Linux advocate) John had a very interesting comment recently, regarding the Star Wars: The Old Republic trailers that get trotted at each major gaming show. Before I share his wisdom, let me show you the latest one, for context’s sake …

Purrrty ,,,

While I’m always blown away by them, I’m always a little bothered by the fact that these aren’t really representative of the game. The game looks fantastic, and I try to view these trailers as short films that simply lay the foundation for the fiction of this particular slice of the Star Wars mythology.

John, though, had a very simple take on them. He asserted that LucasFilm should just start making movies like this. He wants new Star Wars films that are crafted using these same tools, and in the same style.

At first, I disputed this, and cited cost and time as obvious restraints. He swatted away my concerns like so many annoying gnats, and the more I think about it, the more I think I agree with him. I mean, if anyone could afford such a venture, wouldn’t it be G-Lu? And, if any CGI feature were going to rake in some mega-bucks, wouldn’t it be Star Wars?

I sarcastically thank him for planting such an unwatered seed in my brain.

What say you?

In closing …

Real work has been real work, so the writing has hit a wall, but I plan to get back on the horse this week. My space opera needs to be shared …

I’ve been absolutely sucking down one Star Wars novel after another lately. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly gone crazy over Star Wars fiction, but I have.

My Star Trek Online mission/mod took a turn for the campy about a month ago, and I stopped. I’m going to blow out my last map and redo it in a fashion more suited for the ‘modern’ era Star Trek.

My plans for a horror collection are still proceeding, but I’m having a hard time deciding on a book length, as well as who makes it in.

I’m going to do an ‘interactive novel’ app for Windows Phone after I’ve cleared my deck a bit. I may make it a prequel to my space opera.

I’m still waiting for the second edition of Endless Wars to hit the major retailers. You can buy it now, though, through Lulu in either paperback or ebook.

I always suck at prioritizing, so please, if you have something you’d like to see first, let me know.



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