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Going Forward

You may have received an email from me recently. If you're on the mailing list, I've asked you for some opinions on the first book.

In short, I'm publishing a 'special edition' of the first novel. The Endless Wars is getting wide distribution, and I'm celebrating it by putting out a special edition. This will include deleted scenes, an essay from yours truly, the first chapter from the second book, and it MIGHT include the first-ever officially-approved artwork. That's being talked about right now, but we'll see.

One of the hot topics is the font. The first and second editions were put out with my favorite font, 'Courier New.' I'm so used to seeing it, and I may have been drinking quite a bit of rum out of celebration of the book's publishing, that it slipped by me that was the final font. I've heard your bitches, and unless someone else out there shares my love for the font, that I'll be putting it out in something more generic, like Helvetica. At the same time, I'm only going to use an open-source font, so bear with me.

Moving on, I'm still taking feedback for the special edition. I will be revising the text of the book, to bring it more in line with the modern take.

At the same time, I'm still debating whether or not to let fan reaction impact something like updating Taran's demeanor. Do I protect him, or give in to popular demand, and make him a bit more 'cheery?'

Regardless, he is not the same Taran in book two. He's even darker, and struggling with killing his friend, Raphael. On top of that, he's responsible for his people, which weighs on him.

I am not taking any literal story ideas, FYI. What do you think of Taran?

 - Blaine

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