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Being an Adult Slacker With ADD

First post in a while, I know. Being an adult with ADD can be a real bitch in a lot of ways. For me, the hardest part is prioritizing my time. This is one of the reasons that I'm an overweight, 31-year old slacker who has floated from one totally unrelated field to another.

El Calendario
I'm now using Google Calendar to try to change all that.

What I've done is actually budgeted most of my days to follow a rather rigorous schedule. From my sleeping time to my commute times to my 'at work' time, I've scheduled all the obvious things, but I've also gone a step further and budgeted time for blogging, set a stringent homework schedule, and also made damn sure to set aside time for writing.

As it stands right now, I've filled up nearly all my daytime hours during the week, left the evenings somewhat flexible, and tried not to schedule anything on the weekends.

I've also regulated my eating in this new approach, in an effort to drop 120 pounds as soon as is healthy, and in that effort, I've budgeted exercise time each weekday morning.

The main problems I'm trying to address are: a) I want to be a sharper student in my final (haha) year of study and not push things until the zero hour, b) I need to drop 120 pounds, for all the usual reasons, c) I hardly sleep, and I think a lot of my problems go back to that, or maybe it's circular; whatever, d) I need to write a lot more, and e) I want to do so much more in my life than I am, and that requires that I stop fucking around all the time.

I'll try and keep all two or three of you updated on my progress in this regard.

In Other News

 - I'm pretty sure Endless Wars is going to end up on the iBook store pretty soon. The publisher sent me an email about it, but as stated before, I'm a slacker, and have not followed up on it yet. One thing I'll be looking at closely is the money. I'm annoyed that the major publishers are so greedy that they can justify charging even HALF what of what a hard cover book costs (and PLEASE stop buying hard cover books, my friend. You're only feeding a horribly broken system. Cheap ebooks = everyone is happy.)

 - On that note, it occurs to me that I forgot to make sure my book ended up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I'm thinking that'll get remedied in June, if I'm reading my calendar correctly.

 - I came across a stack of EW books that I still haven't sent out, because I forgot. I'll ship them next week. The recipients know who they are.

 - EW2 is under way, though it's been halting steps, due to my utter lack of self control. That is being changed this afternoon.

  - I am super-pumped for the return of EGM. Check out their really cool approach to the digital mag. I would be very interested in doing a comic this way, if any artists are interested in collaborating.

 - I'm thinking more and more about being a writer in 'the digital age;' I think I may post more on the ideas I've been having.

 - Speaking of which, aside from the pretty-good tutorials on the MSDN site, does anyone out there have any recommendations for good sources from to self-teach Visual C#?

- the one thing that makes me want an iPad is that it could eventually become a) the device that unifies my Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, & .pdf libraries (via apps), and b) becomes the premier e-comic & e-mag device. I don't like the price point, I don't like the dearth of storage it offers, I don't like the lack of Flash support, and I don't like the lack of video codec support. I want a 1TB model that can (GASP) handle Flash and (GASP) play back .mkv & .avi. I know that's madness to think a computing device could do that, but one can always dream.

What about you? How stringently do you schedule yourself? What do you think of the transition to digital media that is happening in the book/mag/comic world? What do you think if the iPad?


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  1. Schedule?! I work my 40 hour week, I come home, I crash. On my "weekend", I try to catch up on all the things I don't do during the week, but I usually just end up taking the dog for a hike and gaming. I probably should try to schedule myself a bit better, but at 41, I doubt it's gonna happen.

    As for traditionally printed media going digital, I cannot begin to descibe my loathing of it. Besides, it's a little hard go for a three day camping trip dragging all that shit that either needs extension cords or batteries, and I think canoe trips might be a little hard on the electronics if the canoe tips.