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The Endless Wars: the Descent is out!

So, I published the book today. You can evidence of this publishing here.

I was just working online with Lulu, the printer/distributor (this is self-published), and towards the end of the process, I hit 'finish,' not realizing it meant FINISH. Next thing I knew, there was my book, ready for order.

Let's get the consumer stuff outta the way.

First, the (paper) book cost $15. I'm not happy about that, but that's the cheapest I could get it for now, and still retain my independence.

That being said, there is a $1.25 ebook option. Go to Lulu, do a search for 'endless wars,' and that seems to be the only way to find the mega-cheap ebook option. I know. I'm still working out some of the kinks here.

Why the huge difference? Well, I confirmed something that I'd long suspected, which is that there is minimal cost for printers/distributors/publishers when it comes to ebooks. Originally, I was set to make 80% of the revenue on the book @ $5/sale. I sat there for a moment, and decided to make the same amount off each version, and pass the savings to you guys. I mean, I'd rather make $1 per book and sell as many copies as possible than screw you all on the ebook discount.

It was tempting. I felt the pull of the publishing dark side, but felt compelled to try and do something different, and see if I can actually make somewhat of a dent by coming in as cheap as possible on the book.

Besides, I have no delusions that I'm ever going to make a lotta money doing this. I publish the Endless Wars series because I love writing, and I love telling stories, and it'd be awesome to actually have a persistent conversation with a lot of people about those subjects. Writing and storytelling are becoming lost arts, and I just want to contribute while it's all still relevant.

I think I've said it here before, but as long as this book doesn't single-handedly kill my writing career, I'm cool.

Also, the Amazon and B&N links are coming. They may not be available immediately, as my ISBN is still being sorted out. I'm trying to set aside $99 to buy it so that I own all the rights to the book. These initial copies won't have an ISBN, but that will be coming soon.

The Book

Here's the blurb again:'s 2001. Taran Walker is 23 and is reeling from catching the girl of his dreams with another man. He has failed in nearly every meaningful way in life, and is living in an abandoned halfway house with some friends as he ponders his next scheme. Meanwhile, there is a convergence of souls, some young and some ancient, in St. Louis, and though he doesn't realize it, Taran is at the center of it. He is the one to finally lead the ultimate rebellion and throw off the shackles that have held humanity back since the beginning of time. He will have to fight his way through underworlds and parallel universes, he will battle vampires and rival gods, as well as their lethal servants, but not without the help of a rather interesting mix of friends and allies. From gun-toting dwarves to magic-infused vampires to dope-peddling succubi, Taran will be aided by all manner of creatures and friends. It's the perfect blend of ancient fantasy archetypes and settings and real-world sensibilities and settings. Discover the world you never knew existed but for which you secretly yearned.

So, yeah, I wrote it 10 years ago, blah blah blah, finally went back, dusted it off, edited it, and brought the series back. This is all stuff that if you've read this blog before, you know.

I think that one thing people will dig quite a bit is the richness of the universe. This book is just the tip of the iceberg, and is pretty dense with a lot of mythology that has been crafted and refined over the last decade, with a promise of a lot more to come. It's one of those series that has the possibility for infinite stories, due to the variety contained in the world.

I dunno. I like reading about universes in which there is a realistically infinite world, in terms of interesting stories, and I've tried to craft not only a number or worlds, but several different universes, as well.

Of course, what's at the heart of these books is religion. The Endless Wars series takes the Judeo-Christian mythology and turns it into science fiction. The series, to me, at least, is really a hybrid of urban fantasy and science fiction, since it culls elements from both, but it's also a very character-driven drama in the way things unfold and affect each of the characters.

Wank wank wank. Anyway...

...I will admit that I am nervous about how my 20-something writing is going to be received. As I've talked about previously on here, I tried to really let the book be the book my 21-year old self wanted it to be, to kind of honor my old life, almost like a posthumous release for the old "me" that used to be interesting.

Really, though, I've touched this one up quite a bit, though I did leave in the conversational voice to the text. The voice of the book is one that is made for being read aloud. I tried, at the time, to write it in the style of oral storytelling, because that seemed like a good idea. Again, at the time.

So, lemme know what ya think of that, should you ever take pity on me and buy my book. I'm only expecting to sell a handful, so my feelings won't be hurt.

Anyway, if you would, please, buy the book or the ebook, and lemme know what ya think!

I'll be back with more to continue shamelessly plugging my book soon.



  1. Book ordered. I'm cheap when it comes to shipping, though, and I went for the media mail option, so I'll let you know in about a month how I like it, 'kay?

  2. Their shipping rates are bullshit, I know. Thank you so much for buying the book, and as I told you before, you're the first person to ever buy something I wrote!

    I'll have the Amazon and B&N thing figured out soon (not that that does you any good; sorry), and there will be much cheaper shipping that way.

    Thanks again for the purchase!


  3. Oh, well, seeing as how I get to be first, it's all cool ;)