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Write Write Write

I haven't been post blog updates because I've been busy with my writing "career" (pfft.)

My first novel is in my editor's hands, as we speak. I'm glad I married my editor some years ago, because it makes the "so, whadaya think?" conversations much easier. I don't actually have feelings, so breaking bad news to me is easy for her.

I was kicking around a few ideas about what I was gonna move onto next when I ran into an old friend who was kind enough to open a metaphorical door for me, and that may yield something very interesting or it may not. Either way, I've lost nothing, and it's the most interesting project for which I've ever been solicited. It's right up my alley, and it's going to answer a question I'd been asking myself, which was:

"Can I write something commercial for a big-time director?"

Because I'm not a total newb at this, I'm not gonna say more, but I'll let ya know if anything turns into anything.

So, yeah, I've been writing, and it's funny that huge opportunities stress me out.

Also, I'm thinking I might be at the Pink Galleon @ Olive & Fee-Fee Thursday night if anyone wants to meet up for a beer. I'll probably be there 10-ish, but we'll see.

I'll try to post again tomorrow or Thursday. Soon, I'll actually be talking about details regarding the book.



  1. Very cool. As you may or may not remember (I vaguely remember a blog comment or two about it on that other site you used to patronize), I was an English major with grand plans of becoming a writer myself. My weapon of choice in those days was the short story. However, an embarassing incident in one of my fiction writing classes halted my yearning to write prose. Maybe I'll fill ya in someday, it's kind of funny in hindsight.

    I have a couple of unfinished comic scripts on a hard drive somewhere that I would love to complete someday. If only I married an editor ...or an artist.

  2. Glad to hear the book is back on track. Will I like it as much as I like the Dresden Files?

  3. @bombtrak I would love to hear that story some time. And dig out those comic scripts! Get writing! The more storytellers the world has, the less we'll have to endure the Hollywood fat-cats!

    @Tami No. At least, I don't think so.