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The Weekend Cometh (all over your face!)

Tonight marks the first night of our Ballroom Dancing class. We are definitely a married couple, but I'm actually looking forward to it. My wife's a fun gal, and any excuse to engage with her is one I'll take.

With any luck, this will lead to a fun night, in which we dance, have some dinner, and then totally have lots of sex. That would be ideal. Of course, it depends on what our 3-year old allows to happen, but I have a good feeling about all this.

The post-E3 Untitled Podcast is getting recorded either tomorrow evening or Sunday during the day. I'm still waiting to hear back from Tony on what works best for him, but we'll see. We both have some pretty strong opinions, and I'm really stoked to get behind the mic for this one. We're gonna do four categories: 'What Ya Loved,' 'What Could Go Either Way,' 'What Needs Work,' and 'What Wasn't There.' We'll be talking about games, services, and hardware, so anything is open game.

My street is having its first annual block party, and I'm really looking forward to getting loaded with my neighbors, and finding out what the deal is with the people that own and live in 'the Lot that Time Forgot,' as it's astonishing to see such a terrible homeowner in my neck of the woods, but I'm thankful for them, since people are gawking at their dilapidated shit instead of mine.

I also like the concept of having a tight neighborhood that can band together and stand against things that are bad, like Wal-Mart and drunk drivers.

'Get shit done Day,' as it's become for me, tends to start with an explosion of hard labor in the yard during the AM hours, followed by a shower and relaxation, and probably some gaming.

Next Week
Next week is my last week before classes resume, and while my time off hasn't been nearly as productive as I'd like, it's sure been relaxing and soul-mending. I let the world make me its bitch over the last 10 or so months, and I let people drag me down to their level, and I'm done with that shit. It's funny that lessons we learned so long ago need to be reinforced every so often. I really let myself slip, as a person, and let baby shit like school interfere become an issue for me, which I can promise you was endlessly humiliating.

So, I'm eager to get back in the saddle and make these classes my bitch. What's nice, too, is that I've worked out a good schedule for myself for this summer, and I'll have a nice balance between work, creative work, and play.

Also, next Sunday (6/14, in case you're a moron and don't understand what 'next Sunday' means) is the return of True Blood, the best show I've seen since Battlestar Galactica or Firefly. If you haven't watched it up to this point, a) you're a sad individual and b) it's out on Blu-Ray (and DVD for you cavemen.)

Either way, it's an amazing show, and I hope you're watching it, too.

On Writing
Been working on old shit so much lately that I'm now dying to break out and work on something new. Thinking about writing my first 'real world' book, with no fantastical elements. Yeah, I know, I think that shit tends to be pretty boring, too, but I wanna take a stab at making it interesting. I've always kicked around this idea about a guy who's beating it one night and finds his girlfriend in pictures on a hardcore site, and the subsequent journey he undertakes. We'll see. If it's not my main series, I tend to be pretty flighty with my projects.

Peace Out
That's probably enough for now.

Quick question, for the podcast: who won the Press Conference Battle? Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony? Why do you think so?

Have a great weekend, and I'll post the podcast link this weekend!



  1. I like to drunk drive TO Wal-mart.

    I spent the weekend (+ Monday) camping. Nothing beats sitting around the campfire, loaded on several types of "entertainment", playing guitar and listening to the coyotes howl. Plus, the food...omg the food. Pretty sure I gain 10 pounds back, so next week I'll be making up for it at the gym.

    Our neighborhood could use a block party. Problem is, we're the youngest couple by at least 20 years. It would be very similar to picnic day at the old folks' home.

  2. Oh yeah, the question!

    For me, it went to Sony simply because they showed the most games that I want to play. The Last Guardian alone won it for them in my book.

    Why the heck don't my arrow keys work in this text box???

  3. How was the dance class? How have you been?? It's been too long since we've chatted, I am totally out off the loop. I'm guessing your pain problem got taken care of or you wouldn't be wishing for lots o' sex. lol Which is really good news!


  4. oh, and it's me, Netaria(Catherine Lance) from 1up

  5. Oops.

    I totally didn't post this whole week. I'll talk about that in my next post.

    @bomb We're a bit younger than most of our neighborhood, but we do a good job of blending in by hiding in our house a lot, which was why we liked the block party. I love camping and 'entertainment.'

    @Cat The dance class was cool, I'm on meds for the head crap, and sex is awesome.