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I know I've been away longer than I said I would be, and for that, I apologize.

I've been charging my batteries, really. I hung here at work for a bit on Friday, then went home and mowed my lawn, to ensure that I would have nothing I needed to do this weekend, then just kicked back and chilled for three and a half days. It was great. I hardly ever wore pants, which is often a strong indicator of how easily I was able to relax (I often find clothing silly and uncomfortable most of the time, though I'm glad for it when I can't see my male friends' tiny penises, or when my wife has a fat friend over.)

I played some games, namely Fable II, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2, and Mass Effect. I blew through a bunch of episodes of Castle. I celebrated the renewal of Dollhouse and mourned the cancellation of Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I wanted to see Star Trek again, but arranging for a baby-sitter this past weekend was nigh impossible. I spent a lot of time reading and snoozing, and holy shit, I needed it. I drank with some friends, healed my soul, and finally felt like myself again for the first time in months.

And now, I'm back at work, but I have a good job, so that's fine. I've got some cool projects lined up, I'm getting back to focusing on what I do best (write and create), and I actually feel kind of okay, even if the headaches are still creeping back here and there.

Fable II
I played through nearly everything (both on disc and DLC) that I hadn't already for Fable II this past weekend, and had a hell of a good time. Even after finishing main quests, the game is incredibly fun to just screw around in. I love that I can keep playing past endgame, though I have some concerns over DLC pricing.

While I'm going to use Fable II as an example, it is by no means unique or unusual in its exorbitant price. It's not even horribly overpriced, I just think that Knothole Island + See the Future should've been $5 together, based on the price of the original game.

To be fair, I've had a good time with both of the DLC, even if they were a little light in terms of content. Knothole Island is the beefier of the two, if less diverse, whereas See the Future is more of a variety of things. Knothole Island features three missions that are tied together on Knothole Island, with a key decision at the end. It also has a fair number of new items. See the Future is 2 missions, a a preview of the future, and the Colosseum. It, like Knothole Island, has a fair number of new items, as well.

I really liked the art in See the Future, as well, which I rarely notice in most games.

I'm pretty low-energy today, so I don't have a whole lot more for ya, other than this:

How do you cats measure relaxation? Do you have any qualifiers like my no-pants standard for measuring a good, chilled-out weekend?

What'd you think of the Fable II DLC, if you've played any of it?

Also anyone caught any pre-release screenings of Terminator: Salvation? Curious what people think thus far.


PS - I'll be back tomorrow to talk about doing battle against M$ Vista whilst wielding M$ Windows 7 RC1. Linux FTW, as usual.


  1. Oh Blaine, you and you're tiny penis references.

    What makes me angry about Dollhouse is I can't find the earlier episodes online, so it's hard for me to catch up. Maybe I should just read the wikis? Argh.

    I enjoyed See The Future more, I think. Probably because the diversity in the missions... that black and white one was amazing.

    Mass Effect 2! Oh god, I am so excited to see that at E3.

  2. Knothole Island was a letdown. In fact, most DLC that I have purchased this year have been underwhelming save for 'Broken Steel' and 'Lost and Damned'. But I keep right on buying them. It's the convenience that is getting me every time. I'm really excited about Mass Erect 2(there is your one and only penis reference).

  3. @Cody You used the wrong 'your/you're' there, hoss. Find a way to get the early Dollhouse eps and watch them. Too bad you didn't have faith at the beginning, or this wouldn't be an issue, HUH?! I wouldn't say the Snowglobe was amazing, but it was fun. WORD UP @ Mass Effect 2.

    @Laurance I hear ya about DLC. I feel the same way about nearly everything I've ever bought, but I'm the same way w/ the continual purchases. LOL @ Mass Erect 2.


  4. My qualifier for a good, chilled-out weekend is a toss-up between hanging in my sweats and gaming all weekend or going to a folk festival (it's the non-stop music and awesome musician humor and good scotch/beer).

  5. @Tami You are quite a bit alike. I also lie gaming, music, and beer. I've always gotten along better with other musicians than I have any other kind of person.